Need money for a trip? Work from home!

Working from home is a dream come true for many people.  Work whenever and wherever you want. Heck. You could even earn a living in your pajamas. Pretty nice.

Contrary to popular belief, there is ample evidence that supports working from home can lead to a productive and lucrative career. In fact, a recent study showed that most people are actually more productive while working at home.

What are the best occupations for working at home?

Medical Transcriber

Insurance companies, doctors’ and hospitals all need to have their health records transfer the medical records to text.  The transferring of these documents can be completed anywhere and the pay is higher than you think ($67,000 plus!).

Teachers, Tutors, and Mentors

Students are constantly reaching out to additional online resources and never has this been truer than with the advent of online education.  You can simply help students with their homework over the phone, online chats or interactive web conferences. Technology is changing the relationship between student and teacher, “stay-at-home” tutors and resume writers best demonstrate this development.

Tech Support

Ok, so you’re not the most technologically adept individual. No worries. Training to become a ‘techie’ is simpler than you may think and you will probably be amazed how quickly you can become an expert on the chosen tech topic.

Once you have the knowledge you can provide great help to those who are struggling with their tech problems…all while sitting at home drinking a piña colada. Not bad.

Is it ever a good idea to lie in an interview?

Everyone fibs to a certain degree. You may have opted to not include that brief stint as a carnie or slightly exaggerated your most recent position title.  But there are certain interview questions where the truth will set you free and may just be the difference between landing the job or winding back at the Carnival.

Here are three of the most common scenarios where you will be rewarded for taking the honesty road.

  1. You were fired

With the current economic climate, the idea of being fired has lost some of its sting in an employer’s eyes.  There is a decent chance that the interviewer will ask you why you left your most recent position.  Tell him or her what really happened and they will reward you for your forthcoming attitude. In addition, telling the interviewer that you were fired allows you to present your side of the story, which is especially important if you feel like the firing wasn’t warranted.

  1. You have a criminal record.

Most jobs these days require a background check. Why get got lying? Once again, if the crime was a misdemeanor or even a felony it’s best to explain your position on the situation.  Express the wisdom that you learned from the situation and how it has made you more responsible for your own actions.

  1. You are inexperienced

How do you get a job without any experience and how do you get experience without a job. A Catch-22. Although tempting, if you lie about your experience (or lack thereof) during the interview you will subject yourself to uncomfortable situations. Instead, focus on your passion and interest towards the position. Also, don’t be afraid to ask about the training program that may be inherent in the role.